Note From the Photographer

HI! I'm Becky Anderson. I am a natural light photographer. I find that natural light captures the emotion and personality of those I photograph best.

I do the majority of my photographs outdoors for two reasons. One, I love the element that nature, with its deep hues and filtered light, brings to the photo. Second, the natural light in the openness of the great outdoors brings an artistic element to photos that is gorgeous and unique.

If you are interested in scheduling a session or have any questions, please e-mail me at

I hope you enjoy my capture of life's greatest moments.

I am located in Thornton Colorado and serve the north Denver area. Also willing to travel, please contact me.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Here is a sample of an announcement. I love the announcements with the writing right on top of the picture! This is a 4x6, but with a picture like this could be made to any size.

Oh Baby {Newborn Photographer Lincoln NE}

This little guy was such a handsome little thing, as you can see from the pictures. He didn't want to sleep (as it is for most newborns getting their pictures taken), but we still got some great sleepy pictures and my favorite, tender little moments with dad :)
My ultimate favorite pose. Have to work for it, but it is SO sweet!


And I really liked this one. Something different is always fun!

Monday, November 23, 2009


I knew these 2 just a tiny bit before meeting them. I met them before we moved to our new house (over a year ago). {t} got ahold of me and wanted me to take some picture for their adoption portfolio. They were such a blast! We had a great time walking around downtown and getting shots of the two of them.

I wish them the best of luck! I have heard adoption is a long process. But from what I know about the 2 of them any baby would be lucky to end up in their home!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

This is FALL

{c}'s mom called me up on a warm sunny day in October and asked if I could fit them in. It was great weather (which we hadn't been having) so I met them at Earl May. {c}'s mom suggested the place and called ahead of time to make sure we could use their displays in the pictures. We had to block a lot of sun, but it was the PERFECT place for fall pictures.

Got to LOVE this lip! Do you think he is done with pictures?
Not done, just a wardrobe change. {c} in his Halloween costume.

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

Like I said before (in the post below) I just love these 2. {a} and {b} are such a joy to photograph and even more fun to hang out with! Here are the pictures from this session. Enjoy!

A little behind....

So I did this family some time ago (along with some others I will be posting later :) I LOVE the {c} family. I met them last year and had a fabulous time with them then. The girls have grown, but are still as sweet as ever! Thanks {c} family for another great session!

I 'heart' Seniors!! {Lincoln Nebraska Senior Photography}

Especially when they are as beautiful and fun loving as {m} was. Aren't these pictures stunning? I do have to say that most of it was her! Thanks for the great time. We were all bundled up in our coats while she froze, but you would have never guessed!

{m} have a fantastic Senior year! Make the most of it! Good luck with the future, that is when the real journey begins :)

Friday, November 20, 2009


Came across this sale last night from Adorama. Let me say that Adorama isn't the HIGHEST quality photos, but I think they do an awesome job for the price. They are still considered professional so they will blow walmart, target, etc out of the water.

You can get a 16X20 print for only $4.99 or order it in matalic finish for only $5.99. They also have great flat rate shipping (to me in Nebraska it is around $5.00 for any quantity). Anyway they have 3 sizes on sale:


ALSO if you sign up and let them know that I invited you ( we both get 10 free 4x6.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Little {k} girl

... makes you work for a smile :) Mom {b} told me that she was hard to get to smile, but honestly I didn't think she was bad at all. At least she didn't cry :) We had a good time and the changing colors in the trees were awesome that day! Thanks {b} family! Enjoy!

These next 2 were just for fun. The first one I snapped when we were in the student union trying to warm up. The second was when we were all done and she was playing in the bike racks.

The lovely {b} family.
This one is my favorite with her GREAT BIG smile!

Love this one too. Nothing sweeter than daddy playing with his little girl!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

{l} kiddos

Here are the little kiddos from the {l} family below. These two were a ball to work with. I think kids being photographed around their home helps them relax and be themselves.